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Light Blue Bedding

Light Blue Bedding

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Transform your sleep sanctuary with our Light Blue Bedding set, crafted for King Size Beds. Dive into luxury with ultra-soft linen and cotton, featuring a calming natural sea blue hue. Includes 1 duvet cover and 2 pillowcases for a blissful night's rest.


Size: King Size

Materials: 55% Cotton, 45% Linen

Color: Natural Sea Blue

Set Includes:

  • 1 Duvet Cover: 104 inches x 90 inches
  • 2 Pillowcases: 20 inches x 36 inches each

Care Instructions: Machine washable


What size of bed does the Light Blue Bedding set fit?

Our Light Blue Bedding set is specifically designed for King Size Beds, ensuring a perfect fit for your sleeping sanctuary.

What materials are used to make the Light Blue Bedding?

We use a luxurious blend of 55% cotton and 45% linen to craft our Light Blue Bedding, offering the ultimate combination of softness, breathability, and durability.

How many pieces are included in the Light Blue Bedding set?

The set includes three essential pieces: one duvet cover measuring 104 inches by 90 inches, and two pillowcases measuring 20 inches by 36 inches each, providing everything you need for a complete bedding ensemble.

What closure does the duvet cover feature?

Our Light Blue Bedding duvet cover boasts a convenient button closure, adding a touch of elegance and practicality to your bedding experience.

Can I machine wash the Light Blue Bedding set?

Yes, you can! Our Light Blue Bedding set is machine washable (cold wash) for easy care and maintenance, ensuring that your bedding remains fresh and inviting for years to come.

Product overview

Elevate your bedroom oasis to new heights of comfort and style with our exquisite Light Blue Bedding set, tailor-made for King Size Beds. Crafted from a blend of 55% cotton and 45% linen, each piece is designed to cocoon you in sumptuous softness while offering the perfect balance of breathability and durability.

Unwind in the embrace of our calming natural sea blue hue, reminiscent of tranquil ocean waves gently lapping at the shore. The set comprises three essential pieces: a generously sized duvet cover measuring 104 inches by 90 inches, along with two pillowcases measuring 20 inches by 36 inches each, ensuring a seamless fit for your King Size bed.

Experience the luxury of button closure, adding a touch of sophistication and convenience to your bedtime routine. Whether you're curling up with a good book or drifting off into dreamland, our Light Blue Bedding set promises unparalleled comfort and style.

Indulge in the serene elegance of our Light Blue Bedding, transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. With its timeless design and superior craftsmanship, this set is not just bedding—it's a statement of refined taste and unparalleled luxury. Upgrade your sleep experience today and discover the blissful serenity of our Light Blue Bedding set.

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